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                The School of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering was evolved from the major of Inorganic Chemical Engineering, which was established in 1959 since the foundation of Yancheng Institute of Technology (YCIT). Due to the  national economic difficulties in 1960s, its development was suspended from 1962 to 1978. After the recovery, the Department of Chemical Engineering was set up, and a new major, Silicate Technology, was added up. In 1986, the Department of Chemical Engineering was renamed as Construction Material Engineering, and the major of Fine Chemical Engineering was set up. In 1988, the majors of Inorganic Chemical Engineering and Fine Chemical Engineering were separated to form the new Department of Chemical Engineering, and the major of Industrial Analysis was set up four years later. In 1996, the Department of Food and Chemical Engineering of Yancheng Vocational University was merged, and the Chemical Engineering Department of YCIT was formed. One year later, the first undergraduate students majoring in Chemical Engineering and Technology were enrolled. In 2000, the major of Industrial Analysis was renamed as Applied chemistry, and the major of Environmental Engineering was added up meanwhile. In 2004, the departments of Chemical Engineering and Oceanography were combined to form the School of Chemical and Bioengineering, and the Pharmaceutical Engineering was added up as a new major in 2006. In 2010, the major of Environmental Engineering was separated as an independent school, and the rest majors were split as the current schools of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering and Oceanography & Bioengineering in 2015. Currently, the School of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering is composed of three academic departments, including Applied Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Pharmaceutical Engineering, one general chemistry teaching office and one chemistry & chemical experimental center. Additionally, Chemical Engineering & Technology is the key major of Jiangsu universities, and Chemical Engineering & Technology is the key discipline of Jiangsu province, which has been authorized to grant the Master’s degree in 2018.

                So far, there are 79 faculty and staff members in the school, including 9 professors, 21 associate professors, 1 associate researcher, 4 senior technicians. In addition, there are 6 intramural adjunct professors, 5 intramural adjunct associate professors and 10 extramural adjunct professors hired. Among all the members, there are 2 candidates of "333 High Level Talent” of Jiangsu province, 3 candidates of “Six Talent Peaks”, 3 young & mid-aged academic leaders of "Qing Lan Project", 3 young elite teachers of "Qing Lan Project", 3 adjunct doctoral supervisors and 17 adjunct master tutors. The faculty team is mainly composed of young & mid-aged teachers, who are full of passion, motivation and innovation. Moreover, 44.3% of the faculties has the title higher than Associate Professor, and 64.6% has the doctoral degree. The proportions of the faculties with the senior professional titles and high academic qualifications are ranked among the top levels in YCIT and similar universities. In the past five years, the school has undertaken more than 20 NSFC projects, more than 30 provincial and ministerial-level projects and more than 100 enterprise projects. The total research funding is more than 20 million RMB Yuan. At present, there are more than 1,100 full-time undergraduate students, 50 joint-educated master candidates booked in the school. In the past five years, the graduate employment rate is higher than 99%, and the postgraduate enrollment rate is higher than 25%.

                With the development in the past 60 years, the School of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering already has a competent faculty team, a well-regulated teaching system and sound social reputation. The school will continue the progresses to strengthen the construction of preponderant disciplines, improve the teaching quality and upgrade the education standard. With the endeavors of all the members, the school will strive to fulfill the target to be national famous and regional first-class in the near future.


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